Who We Are

Our group consists of web executives and managers, web content strategists & managers, web developers, information architects, cms administrators, programmers, web communications professionals, project and program managers, content management system (CMS) experts, recruiters, usability specialists, librarians, web editors and many others who work with web content and web content systems. We are entirely run by volunteers and those active in the web content arena.

What We Do

At present, the Web Content Mavens group holds monthly events focused on web content management and creation. Some events bring experts in the field to share their knowledge. Others focus on networking and building a community of web content experts. Later, we may add an optional discussion group to allow for the exchange of ideas and information. There is no cost to join.

Why It Started

Web Content Mavens was created in June of 2007 to provide a platform for discussing web content. While there are national organizations with similar goals and local organizations that focus on content management and on web development/management, at the time of WCMs creation, no local organization existed. We created the group to fill that void – and to build a community around web content management and the tools used to deliver web content.