Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

There are many ways to market a small business in today’s market. Marketing today involves hitting the pavement and doing social media. It is important to be seen in the business and customer community. It is also important to do social media no matter what your age. Many customers are always looking online for products and services.

One of the best ways to let people know your service or product is is to give it away once in a while. You can do this by raffles or contests. Attend networking events. Networking events can be business fairs, farmers markets or having a sidewalk business sale. Go to your local chamber of commerce. There are many retired business owners who will give you marketing ideas in how they succeeded.

Start a podcast or ask to be a guest in one. If your going to be a guest in a podcast contact ones that are just starting out. They will be so happy to have a guest on their podcast. You also could be on more than one podcast. If you have your own podcast you can run weekly contests and giveaways for your products or services. Word will get around. This is one way to make your podcast memorable.

For free marketing go to Facebook. If you want business to customer, use Facebook. If your products or service is business to business,use Linked In. Make a time slot every
week to devote to social media.

Create an event for customers and businesses to come and see you and your business. Do not wait for the busy season. Months that are slow,like January are good times to host these events. Have some snacks and beverages so prospective customers will linger. Explain your business to people, and give out free samples such as a food business. If it is a service, give a free one away. Thank everyone who came to see your business.

Do “SMS” marketing. Everybody texts on the phone today. Especially young people. This is a great way to get your product or service noticed. Do email marketing, And make sure you test the servers when doing so.

There is a point in your business where your going to be so busy in doing your own marketing. See about hiring a marketing agency. Ask for prices upfront, and then let them know what your budget is. Ask for customer references, and what’s the best way to market your business. Remember to shop around for an agency, and to ask anybody in the business community who they would recommended. Most of all enjoy the process of getting your business off the ground.