Sales Territory Mapping: Realign Territories, Increase Sales

Defining and adjusting sales territory can play a key role in ensuring sales professionals are able to optimize their effectiveness and efficiency. Lacking the resources needed to outline, realign or optimize territories may leave businesses unable to increase sales and improve revenue. Conventional methods to analyze demographics, map and partition territories could end up costing businesses much more than they might realize. Using territory mapping software and applications to automate the process offers a more effective, flexible and efficient way to define sales territory and improve revenue.Sales territory mapping software

Mapping Software Provides Many Benefits

Digital applications can provide a range of advantages that can all make a substantial difference. The benefits of using mapping software may include:

  • Superior analysis of statistics and demographic information
  • Adjusting existing territories to maximize labor efforts and fuel economy
  • The ability to run scenarios, create projections and better compare options

Accounting for the addition of new products or the changing size of a sales force can be a far greater challenge for those who are utilizing conventional mapping methods. Software can provide greater insight, more detailed information and the opportunity to compare a wider range of options and solutions in order to create more effective partitions.

Superior Allocation of Staff and Other Resources

Failing to utilize sales staff, vehicles and other resources in the most efficient manner possible can create no end of problems and issues. Identifying areas that lack sufficient sales coverage or territories that may be overstaffed using conventional methods is often an uphill battle. Mapping software can offer a variety of breakdowns, reports and displays that can ensure businesses are able to use their resources with a greater degree of efficiency. Lacking the most accurate information regarding a sales territory can make it far more difficult to allocate resources where they will have the most impact.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Managing a large sales staff and directing employees in the field can create a number of logistical challenges. Automated mapping software and digital applications can ensure businesses can better adapt to changing circumstances. The right software makes it easier to:

  • Adjust sales territory to compensate for a personal shortage
  • Take full advantage of time-sensitive opportunities
  • Adapt to changing traffic conditions or new real estate development within an area

Ineffective management of a sales staff is a liability that no business can afford to overlook.

Finding the Best Software

Every business is different and resources that work for one organisation may be of far less value to another. Finding and investing in software better suited to meet the specific needs of a business is never a consideration that should be left to chance. From powerful software that can provide a top-down look at a large sales operation to mobile applications designed to assist individual sales professionals, there are no shortage of options available. Assessing an existing workflow or operational process in order to identify potential issues and areas that may require improvement is often an essential step for selecting the best software.